Understanding Fed Biz Opps and Federal Procurement

If you engage in procurement activities and are familiar with procurement laws, then you most likely have heard about FedBizOpps. It simply means Federal Business Opportunities.   Every federal government procurement opportunity especially those above $25, 000 are posted on FedBizOpps. Thus, it acts as the marketplace for such federal government opportunities.   It is one of the richest sources for individuals who invest in federal procurement.  Here are vital and essential things that can make you have a clearer picture of FedBizOpps and Federal Procurement.
BidsConstruction was initiated by some federal governments' authorities or agencies.  Well, the scope and roles of FedBizOpps may have changed over time, but it is a devoted market and presents federal governments procurement opportunities. It is devoted to those procurements that are worth $25,000 and above.  In other words, the opportunities can be quite lucrative.   FedBizOpps is however not exhaustive.  For one it doesn't have to cover all the federal procurement opportunities and projects especially those below $25,000. This thus means that it is not the only existing source of the federal procurement projects and opportunities.  Thu, if you are interested in government contracts, then you have to look for more sources and not just FedBizOpps.   You also have to be aware that not all the projects that are above $25,000 can be found on FedBizOpps.  In fact, the site mainly has non-classified opportunities and contracts.
In addition, registration is not a requirement with BidsConstruction.  So long as you have the internet connection you can access and use FedBizOpps.  But for those who wish to search for contracts on FedBizOpps, it is better to sign in and register since one must do so to access contract information.  With FedBizOpps registration is not charged.  Once you are a registered member, you can find contract information and opportunities fast and easily since you can get opportunities relevant to you.  One can also save the listed opportunities, and check all the bid documents and thus have sufficient information as you determine contracts fit for you. 
However, not everybody can register on FedBizOpps.  As much as the registration is free, your company must have met some basic requirements as required by the law.  You must also provide relevant documentation on your profile to for registration to be approved.  Therefore, if you in interested in government contracts, you can search FedBizOpps to identify some and then proceed and register to access the relevant information and details. Here are more related discussions about jobs at http://edition.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/07/28/cb.build.job.search.motivation/index.html